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How to activate NDI of SMTAV Camera?

NOTE: The NDI Active Tool is only used for activating SMTAV camera models including BA12S, BA20S, BA30S, BA20L, BA30L, BA20S-W, BA30S-W, BA20L-W, BA30L-W, BA12UHD, BA20UHD, HD30, HD38, C06V. If you want to activate other models of cameras, please contact us at, or contact us through the page message


1. Purchase an NDI license

Please visit the page to purchase an NDI license, before purchasing, please contact us to confirm whether your camera supports activating NDI

After payment, the seller will send you a string of NDI licenses

2. Download the NDI Activation Tool

Download the NDI Activation Tool at page.

NOTE: The NDI activate tool only supports the WINDOWS OS. If you are using a LINUX or MAC OS computer, please contact us and we will activate it for you remotely through teamviewer.

3. Connect the camera

Download and unzip the file, open the SMTAV NDI Activation Tool v1.0.exe file,

Enter the IP address of the camera, and the HTTP port(if you have not changed the HTTP port, the default HTTP port is 80) and click "Connect" button.

NOTE:Please make sure that the network between your camera and computer is connected, the computer can PING to the camera; and the computer can access the Internet

After the connection is successful, the camera connection successful dialog box will pop up on the interface.

4. Activate NDI

 Enter the license you received in the License text box, and then click the Activate button. After the activation is successful, the camera will reboot.

How to verify if your camera has NDI activated?
Use a web browser to access the IP address of the camera, and open the WebUI of the camera. If there is an NDI Config tab in the WebUI, it means it has been activated successfully.

If you cannot activate NDI after several attempts, Please contact customer service and we will activate it for you remotely through TEAMVIEWER.

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  • Please help me install NDI. We bought three HD30 cameras and we cannot find the Activation License for NDI.


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