How to control SMTAV cameras through OBS Dockable Panels?

In this user guide you will walk through how to acquire, setup and use the SMTAV OpenSource Control Page as OBS Dockable Panels.

In the “package” is set up to support three (3) unique cameras with multiple interface options available.

Downloading the Files

The web files can be downloaded from the website from the following download link;

 SMTAV Open Source Web Control Page

Once downloaded, unzip the contents of the file.

Make sure to save, or copy, the unzipped folder into an easy to remember and access location on your computer for use later in this guide.

Setting up Dockable Panels in OBS

Open OBS and navigate the top menu bar. Click “View” then “Docks” to open the settings for the Dockable Panels.

Docks → Custom Browser Docks

Using the new window “Custom Browser Docks” you can assign a title or “Dock Name” to each controller instance you add. These titles could match the files, “CAMERA 1”, or could use the physical location for you to make it easier to recall such as “Front Left Camera”. This is completely your choice.

The URL field is where you will point to the location of your desired control interface, as stored on your PC Example URL for files stored in the C drive might look like the following:

C:\SMTAV Open Source Control Page\CAMERA 1\SMALL CONTROLLER.html

Note: this file is stored in the “CAMERA 1” folder and should be utilized to set up with our first camera. I have also selected the SMALL CONTROLLER interface but there are other options

If you want to add control for a second camera you can repeat the steps in the cells available beneath your first camera but making sure to use the files downloaded but in the CAMERA 2 folder for your second camera.

Once you have added the desired panels to the OBS Custom Browser Docks first click “Apply” and then “Close.”

Note: at this point OBS may automatically open each of the designated files, if it does not simply proceed to the next step in this instruction set to launch them manually.

Opening OBS Dockable Panels

To open the Dockable Panels you have just configured is easily accomplished by navigating the top menu bar as follows:

Docks → <dock titles just set>

You should notice in the Docks menu selection the titles you just saved above, for this example, these are “Camera 1” and “Camera 2”

As you click on those dock titles it will launch a new window that can be docked to the main OBS interface by simply dragging the window on to the main OBS application.

Now that you can access the controller, you need to configure it for use with your camera(s).

Configuring the SMTAV Dockable Panel(s)

Once you have the control interface open via the docks, you will need to configure it to talk properly with your camera. To get started simply click the “Preferences” button available at the bottom of the window.

You can now set some default settings as well as telling the control interface which camera to control.

The most important field is the IP Address. This is where you will point the control interface to control the desired camera using its associated IP address.

Once you have entered your camera's unique IP address into the IP Address text box click the “Reload Camera” button to commit the change and then click “Done.”

The last step needed to fully commit the changes you have made is to fully exit the dockable panel using the red X in the top right of the window.

Now navigate the main menu bar again to re-open the dockable panel you just closed

Docks → <dock title>

Once open, you will now have control over your camera.

To operate multiple cameras using the other files you downloaded you will need to repeat the steps above for each dockable control instance.

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