How to quickly build a live broadcast system

If you want to build a live broadcast system, SMTAV is undoubtedly the best choice. We provide you with professional high-performance, low-cost audio and video equipment and control equipment.

First of all, you need to choose a solution based on the size of your stage. Different solutions use different equipment. I provide three different solutions for your reference.
1,Use the built-in RTPM pusher of the camera to push the real-time stream to the service

This is the simplest solution. With the help of the camera's built-in encoding, the original live video and audio are pushed to the server.

Note: The line in of the camera supports stereo input, which can be connected to the Line out of the mixer, the headphone output of the computer, and the audio output of the CD player

2,Use OBS, vMIX video editing software to push the real-time stream to the service

This solution requires video directors. In the local area network, multiple cameras can be connected to create multiple scenes.

Generally, editing software supports RTSP access to video. If you use NDI access, you may need to install a plug-in. You can search for and download the NDI plug-in through Google. NDI cameras need NDI LICENCE activation, so the price is relatively high. SDI cameras use RTSP get video streaming, but it has a longer time delay.

3,Use OBS, vMIX video editing software to push the real-time stream to the service

This solution is to convert the high-definition video to USB3.0, and then connect to the computer for editing.

NOTE:SDI can be transmitted over long distances, but it cannot transmit audio. HDMI can transmit audio, but the distance is very short.

In summary, each solution has its advantages and disadvantages, and you can choose the right solution according to your needs. In comparison, in Solution 2, using NDI is the best solution, and its installation is simple. Only a single network cable can realize power supply and real-time communication during installation.

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