How to Use AI Tracking Camera's Tracking Function


Press F1 or F2 or F3 on the remote control to open different tracking modes, and press F4 to close tracking

F1: Frame Track

F2: Demo Mode

F3: Single Track, If there are many people in the picture, press the remote control left or right button to select the person you want to track and press the Home button

F4: Exit Ai


VISCA Command

In addition to the remote control, you can also turn on and off the tracking through the visca command:

81 0A 11 A3 00 FF Turn off human figure tracking

81 0A 11 A3 01 FF Turn on human figure tracking

81 0A 11 A3 02 FF Automatic frame selection

81 0A 11 A3 03 FF Demo mode

81 01 06 01 11 11 01 03 FF Select left

81 01 06 01 11 11 02 03 FF Select right

81 01 06 04 FF Confirm to enable tracking


HTTP-CGI Command

Request URL Format: http://[ip address]/cgi-bin/ptzctrl.cgi?post_aimode&[command]

Request Method:GET


Single tracking URL:

Automatic frame URL :

Demo Mode URL:

Close the tracking URL:

***NOTE:In the URL, is the default IP of the camera, In the application, replace the IP address with the IP address of your camera


1, Please check the firmware version of the camera. Compared with whether it is the latest version in the DOWNLOAD page,If it is not the latest version, download the latest firmware and upgrade.

2, After the tracking is turned on, the remote control will not be able to control the Pan, TILT and ZOOM of the camera, If you want to control PTZ with a remote control, press the F4 button first to close the tracking


  • This guide is not up-to-date.
    If you have a BX30UHD-N here are the working VISCA commands

    81 0A 11 54 02 FF Turn on AI Tracking
    81 0A 11 54 03 FF Turn off AI Tracking
    81 0A 11 A3 02 FF Choose people left
    81 0A 11 A3 03 FF Choose people right
    81 0A 11 A3 04 FF Confirm AI Track is turned on (unsure how to use this)

  • It’s a pity, but it doesn’t work on BX30N-BK cameras. I really need working working teams VISCA Command.


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