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How to use WAN to control IP cameras(DDNS)

Setup IP Controlled by Dynamic DNS

Two dynamic DNS:,

Router Port Mapping:

Take Tenda router for example, enter the Router Home Page (interface page), select “Advanced”- “Virtual Server”, add a new port number in “Ext Port”, add a new port number in “Int port”, put camera IP address to “Internal IP”, then select “Save”, shown as below:

Dynamic DNS Visit Camera

Set domain name to camera, setup the parameter, then dynamic DNS can access camera. Access link: http://hostname: port number. For example, setup host computer name:, the camera port number is 89, the access link should be

NOTE:If the camera port default is 80, then unnecessary to input port number, use host name can access camera directly.

VLC Stream Media Player Monitoring

Visit VLC Media Server Procedure

  • Open VLC media player.
  • Click “Media > Open Network Stream”, or click “Ctrl + N”; as below:


  • Input URL address:
    rtsp://ip: port number/1 (First stream);
    rtsp://ip: port number/2 (Secondstream).
  • Click “Play”.

NOTE: RTSP port number default 554. If the camera port default is 80, then unnecessary to input port number of URL address.

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