SMTAV Cameras Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Camera Maintenance
  • If the camera will not be used for a long time, please turn off the power switch.
  • Use a soft cloth or lotion-free tissue to clean the camera body.
  • Use a soft dry lint-free cloth to clean the lens. If the camera is very dirty, clean it with a diluted neutral detergent. Do not use any type of solvent or harsh detergent, which may damage the surface.
Unqualified Applications
  •  Do not shoot extremely bright objects for a long period of time, such as sunlight, ultra-bright light sources, etc...
  • Do not operate in unstable lighting conditions, otherwise the image may flicker.
  • Do not operate close to powerful electromagnetic radiation, such as TV or radio transmitters, etc
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  • 1. Check whether the power cord is connected, voltage is OK, POWER lamp is lit.
  • 2. Check whether the camera can “self-test” after startup (camera will do a brief pan-tilt tour and return tothe
  • home position, or if preset 0 is set, the camera will return to the preset 0 position).
  • 3. Check that the HDMI cable is connected correctly.
    1. If HDMI, make sure that the destination device is accessing the HDMI port that you plugged into.
    2. If SDI, make sure that the destination device is accessing the SDI port that you plugged into.
Abnormal display of image
  1. Check setting of rotary dial on rear of camera. Be sure to use a resolution and refresh rate that is supportedby your software.
• Image is shaky or vibrating.
  1. Check whether camera is mounted solidly or sitting on a steady horizontal and level surface.
  2. Check the building and any supporting furniture for vibration. Ceiling mounts are often affected bybuilding vibration more than wall mounts.
  3. Any external vibration that is affecting the camera will be more apparent when in tele zoom (zoomed in) settings.
IR remote controller does not control the camera
  1. Does one of the 4 “Camera Select” buttons (top row of remote) light up when you press any button on the remote? If not, change the batteries in the remote.
  2. Are the camera and remote set to the same IR address? You can use press [*] + [#] + [F1] (3 buttons in sequence) on the remote to set the camera to address 1. Press “Camera Select” 1 on the remote to control the camera.
  3. Try removing other sources of IR interference (e.g. sunlight, fluorescent lighting).
Serial communication does not control the camera
  1. Make sure the camera is on and functioning with the IR remote control.
  2. Verify that the RS232 cable is connected correctly and using the proper pinout.
  3. Verify the communication settings of the control software or device (e.g. joystick).
  4. Verify that the communication port on the controlling device is activated (e.g. Com port on PC).
  5. Verify that all communication settings in the OSD Setup Menu correlate to the commands being used (e.g.VISCA address).


  • Cameras are timing out after 5 minutes even when using the camera. How do we disable this setting?

    Glen K.
  • 4k ptz becomes foggy each time it is turned on after being off for a week. How can that be corrected

    Galina SDA
  • Having a issue with the auto focus as well. We have 3 cameras, 2 are wall mounted at the back of the hall and these 2 cameras are having the auto focus problem. We have been using the cameras for 4 months and the auto focus started two weeks ago. Appreciate your advise.

    David Chan
  • I purchased a SMTAV and had it installed. All browsers showing blank screen, cannot access camera’s control panel. web interface won’t let connect to camera, onvif needs to be turned on to the camera to allow the controller to connect to the camera. able to get to camera via IP address …. giving a blank screen

    Christian Dorsey
  • My recently purchased BA20S (June 2022) needs recalibrating of the autofocus as it continuously and quickly moves in and out of focus and will not remain steady. Do you have a procedure and software to permit me to accomplish a recalibration or is there another remedy to the problem? Thank you for your response in advance.

    John Little

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