What about SMTAV?

SMTAV is a professional AV integration and video conference solution supplier. It has been providing the highest quality video and audio products for more than 40 countries worldwide.

We focus on the research and development of overall solution products, continue to innovate, and provide customers with solution design, products and services, which are widely used in churches, conferences, classrooms, office automation, telemedicine and other fields


SMTAV has R&D centers and factories in China, and warehouses in the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Europe and other regions.

With the development of our business, we will set up warehouses and seek partners in more places. If you would like to know more about SMTAV, please contact us at info@smtav.com.


  • BA30S ptz camera is blurry, it is set for 1080p60fps, can you help?

    Jerry Reece
  • Я купил YCS-31DP(Onvif Controller with 5 inch LCD).
    Не работают много функций. Обещали рассмотреть. В итоге через некоторое время, предложили, как оказалась старую прошивку. Я проверил управление без изменений. Зачем предлагать то, что не изменило работу?
    Выключил, подключил дополнительно камеры и включил заново. Теперь контроллер не запускается.
    В итоге я не могу выйти работать. То, что обещали не исправили и теперь совсем не запускаться. Всё делал правильно. Помогите решить проблему. Я теряю заказы и клиентов.

  • I NEED HELP! after firmware update, my BA20N-W camera doesnt show the network or NDI functions. have tried to contact your support with no luck.no one answeres

  • can your IP ptz can be used with GStreamer? been using mini box cctv ip cams and been successful, hopefully we can use with your cams as well. interested in the 10x/12x ptz

    mark edu

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