All-in-one Conference system, 4K Auto Framing AI Camera, SA400
All-in-one Conference system, 4K Auto Framing AI Camera, SA400
All-in-one Conference system, 4K Auto Framing AI Camera, SA400
All-in-one Conference system, 4K Auto Framing AI Camera, SA400
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, All-in-one Conference system, 4K Auto Framing AI Camera, SA400
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, All-in-one Conference system, 4K Auto Framing AI Camera, SA400
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, All-in-one Conference system, 4K Auto Framing AI Camera, SA400
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, All-in-one Conference system, 4K Auto Framing AI Camera, SA400

All-in-one Conference system, 4K Auto Framing AI Camera, SA400

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Product Description

        SA400 is a high-definition conference terminal integrating audio and video AI technology, Android 12 system, 4-core Arm A73, 6T NPU; built-in AI algorithms such as face detection, human body detection, automatic frame selection, and speaker tracking.

        The device is highly integrated with audio and video components such as Sony 4K camera, 8-array microphone, and dual 10W speakers; built-in algorithms such as audio BF, DOA, 3A, video face AE, and portrait mode.

        It is suitable for the needs of various enterprises, finance, education and other units and individual users for the dual mode of traditional 323/SIP video conferencing and cloud video conferencing, as well as the needs of USB audio and video peripheral accessories.

Application Scenario

        This product can provide BYOM and BYOD two modes of application:

        The first is the BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) mode, that is, the device has built-in conference communication software, and only needs to be connected to the display screen;

        The second is the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) mode, that is, users need to bring their own computers to hold meetings through the conference software on the computer, and the device uses UVC/UAC technology as the audio and video peripherals of the computer.

  1. Application of enterprise BYOM mode:

        All-in-one equipment, highly integrated, solves the problem of many and complex equipment in small and medium-sized conference rooms in enterprises; good audio and video effects, built-in sound reinforcement components in the equipment, can save office costs; convenient operation interface, making it easy for users to learn and operate , Easy maintenance. The open and standard Android system supports the operation of various cloud video Android client software.

  1. Application of the BYOM model in the financial industry:

        The traditional H.323/SIP mode is used to participate in the administrative video conference of the superior unit; for the internal business meeting of the unit, the flexible cloud video conference mode is adopted, and the participants can access it through clients such as PCs and mobile phones.

  1. Application of BYOM mode in listening classroom:

        Routine distance teaching adopts H.323/SIP mode access, and it can be switched to cloud video conference mode access under special circumstances, such as lectures by external experts, remote training guidance for professional courses in vocational colleges, etc. The device integrates 8mems, and the maximum pickup distance can reach 8 meters; the built-in dual 10W speakers meet the needs of classroom sound input and output.

  1. Application of enterprise BYOD mode:

        Support UVC/UAC peripheral mode, provide high-quality audio and video capabilities to personal computers or other USB input devices, and improve the audio and video experience of video conferences. It is suitable for small and medium-sized meeting rooms of enterprises, offices of enterprise executives and other places.

Features and Functions

  • Open system, supports conference software with built-in traditional H.323/SIP protocol, can be connected to standard H.323/SIP conference terminals and MCU; supports various Android cloud video clients to run, cloud video conference brands such as: ZOOM , Tencent Meeting, DingTalk, Webex, etc.
  • Integrated 4K lens, 116-degree wide-angle; supports dual-channel 1080P60 encoding and 4K60 decoding.
  • The video supports two-way input, and supports dual-screen output, with the same display and different display.
  • Integrated 8mems, combined with BF, DOA, 3A, DER and other algorithm technologies, the pickup distance can reach up to 8 meters, and support lip synchronization.
  • Integrated dual 10W speakers, medium and high frequency speakers with low frequency diaphragm, to meet the full audio coverage of small and medium conference rooms.
  • Support intelligent broadcasting function, which is mainly manifested in the application of modes such as frame selection of participants, gathering of speakers, and panoramic display.
  • Support 4 times digital zoom, support electronic PTZ.
  • Convenient control, equipped with a Bluetooth remote control, supports air mouse operation, and meets the needs of cloud video conferencing software interface operations.
  • Support privacy protection function, manual mechanical switch of the lens cover, privacy protection is more assured.
  • Support UVC/UAC technology to provide high-quality audio and video conferencing effects.
  • Support 323/SIP system startup item customization.

Technical Parameters



Android 12


Quad-core Arm A73







Communication Protocol

Framework Agreement


Codec Protocols


Audio Coding Protocol

G.711、G.722、G.722.1,G.722.1C, AAC-LC, AAC-LD,G.729, Silk,Opus

Auxiliary Protocol


Other Protocol

H.225、H.235、H.245、H.281、FECC、 RFC2833、DTMF、 SRTP、SNTP、TLS

Network Protocol


Audio and video features

BuiltIn Camera

8 million pixels, 116-degree wide-angle, aperture F/1.8, 4x digital zoom

Image Resolution

HDMI input: maximum support 4KP60

Encoding resolution: maximum support 1080P60

HDMI output 1: maximum support 4KP60

HDMI output 2: maximum support 1080P60

Other Image Properties

Active dual stream:

H.264 1080P60 encoding, support 4KP60 H.264 H.265 decoding;

Support PIP, POP, single display, dual-screen same display/different display and other multi-screen modes.

Audio Feature

Support BF, DOA, Audio 3A (AEC, AGC, ANS), DER and other algorithms Support lip synchronization.

Support extended USB SpeakerPhone

Meeting Experience Features



Specail Features

ü  Support H.323/SIP video conferencing and cloud video conferencing modes can be switched;

ü  Supports AI algorithms such as face detection, human body detection, intelligent broadcasting (frame selection of participants, gathering speakers, panoramic display, etc.), video face AE, etc.

ü  It supports configuration as a peripheral device, which can be used as a usb camera for PC, and transmit high-quality audio and video to PC or other devices through UVC/UAC.

ü  The remote control supports air mouse operation, which solves the UI operation problem in cloud video conferencing.



Security and stability

network adaptability

IPv4/IPv6 number call;

Super error correction (SEC), lost packet retransmission (ARQ), video forward error correction (FEC), intelligent speed control (IRC), audio backward error correction (PLC)

Network Security

Support H.235, SRTP, TLS, HTTPS and other encryption modes to ensure the safety and reliability of the conference system.

Easy Maintenance

Use with the management platform:

•The platform supports public cloud and privatization deployment, and can manage devices in batches;

•Management operations such as configuration distribution and upgrade can be performed on individual/batch operation terminals;

• The platform supports hierarchical user management and authority management.

Environmental requirements

• Ambient temperature: -10°C ~ 45°C

• Relative humidity: 5% ~ 90% (non-condensing)

• Altitude: less than 5000 meters above sea level

Certifications and Standards


Hardware Interface Specifications

Video input interface

1*Builtin 4K camera

Video output interface

1*HDMI OUT1,Support CEC,maximum resolution 4KP60
1*HDMI OUT2,Support CEC,maximum resolution 4KP30

Audio input interface

1*V3.5mm Line IN
8mems Array Mic

Audio output interface

1*V3.5mm Line OUT
Left and right dual 10W speakers

Network interface

1*10/100/1000M Network Port
1*POE network port (can be connected to the conference control tablet)

Other interface

1*USB2.0 OTG Typec
2*USB3.0 Host USBA
1*USB MIC Interface,Support USB mic


Terminal Size


Package Size


Net weight


Gross weight


Electrical characteristics

Working Voltage

DC 12V 2A

Working Frequency

50Hz ~ 60Hz

Maximum power consumption




Full Name


Face AE

Face Auto Exposure

Automatically adjust the exposure of the face to keep the face at an appropriate brightness


Neural-Network Processing Unit

AI computing unit, providing computing power for AI applications such as face detection and human skeleton detection



Beamforming, adjust the microphone beam to only point to a specific speaking area, improving audio quality


Direction of Arrival

Sound source localization, measuring the position of the speaker's sound source


Auto Echo Cancellation

Echo cancellation, eliminate the echo signal collected by the microphone after the remote signal is played locally


Automatic Gain Control

Automatic gain, automatically control the sound gain of different distances and different sound sources in a balanced range


Automatic Noise Suppression

Automatic noise reduction, detect fixed frequency noise and eliminate environmental noise



De-reverberation, eliminate reverberation caused by sound wave reflection


Usb Audio Class/Usb Video Class

Universal USB camera audio and video transmission standard, the terminal is used as a USB peripheral to provide camera and microphone data to the PC, and the PC transmits sound playback data to the terminal speaker for playback.

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